Sunday, March 30, 2008

Busy here!!!

Friday afternoon I got a call from Jennifer that her hubby had passed. Please keep her in your prayers. Sat morning the girls and I went to visit with her. Tomorrow afternoon I plan to go to the funeral... after working all day of course! Tuesday I am heading back to the doctor with my daddy. Amongst all of this we are having dance practices for both girls, competition dance practices, gymnastics, softball, t-ball and traveling softball practice... I need an assistant! Good grief! I am trying to figure out ways I can cut on gas... It is $3.39 at most places here in Crossett! Lee's sister got a scooter to ride to work... I would have to get one with a side car for the girls... HUM I will have to think more on that one! LOL

OH, and I am working my tail off getting ready for Avery's 10th b/d party this weekend! We are having a spa day and brunch! She is so excited... every day Dalton asks her... IS TODAY YOUR BIRTHDAY?? Wednesday after working I will take her lunch to school.. this week is going to be CRAZY!!!

I have pictures to upload of Dalton's first t-ball practice.. she was so cute!

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The Thompson Family said...

Do you ever stop??!! Mom shared a little about the party...sounds like tons of fun! It was funny watching my dad...had it been me way back when, I'm sure my you know what would've been red!!!