Monday, March 24, 2008

Avery will you paint my toe nails!?!!?

When I heard Dalton asking Avery if she would paint her toe nails yesterday I did not realize she had picked out what we had bought to go with her softball uniform last year!
About 3 coats of paint later......
And sitting on the bar to let them dry......
Ain't I purdy!?!?! If someone can tell me how to turn the darn picture you wont have to turn your head any more to look at it sideways... until then I hope you dont' get a crick in your neck! LOL
Dalton goes... here get a picture of my fingernails too!

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Mom of these kids said...

I think the only way to turn the pic is to turn it in picassa before you load them to the now you would need to delete the pic, then reload it, and then it would put it at the top of the post, so just don't mess with it....we can turn our head!

I love the green polish! My sister would have been all over that when she was little! Av did a great job, that's what big sisters are for. (maybe she asked AV b/c she knew you wouldn't go for the lime green! LOL) See, it matches your blog