Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Avery...DOULBE DIGITS BABY!!!!

10 years ago today (at 3:56 pm) my life changed FOREVER... I became a mother!!!! WOW!!! I never knew how much you could love something... it is crazy how you THINK you love that baby that is inside of you before you give birth... Nothing can prepare you for the ride you have ahead of you!

All day Dalton has wanted to know... where was I when Avery was born!?!?

Avery is the sweetest, most polite, caring person that you will ever come in contact with... She is considerate of others feelings, she worries about them, and loves them. I am not just saying that because she is mine... is it true! Just ask anyone that knows her.

She has had a great day today! The phone started ringing at 7:15 this morning with people wanting to talk to her... all the way up until this got out of the car to go to school! Hannah met her in the hall to be the first one to wish her a Happy Birthday and the they announced it on the intercom (yes, she thinks this makes her famous!) Then Papaw Michael called me this am and wanted to know if he could come and go with us to eat dinner with her.... She was so surprised when she saw him! We got home after school and there sat Nanaw in the drive way! Let's just say shes RICH! LOL She has decided to wait and shop until after her Spa Day and Brunch on Saturday! The phone has rang all afternoon, but it is only 5ish right now so it ain't over yet!!!

Happy "DOUBLE DIGITS" Baby!!!!
I love you with all my heart!


Rosjuane said...

Happy Birthday. But you better be careful she looks older in those pics!!

PKitts said...

Tell Avery Happy Birthday & We hope she has a great weekend of fun. You guys need to make a trip to Searcy soon. Love Ya

PKitts said...

Happy Birthday Avery - We hope your weekend goes great too!! It is time to come to Searcy soon!

Mom of these kids said...

Happy Birthday Avery!!! And you are right, all those things are true about Avery....she is a very special girl!

(Rachel asks me all the time where she was when each kid was born, on our anniversay...and where was she when Clay and I were kids! I guess it is an age thing!)