Monday, December 31, 2007

Beeping heart.....

Today Dalton was pretending that she was "WOOCY" and kept crawling up in my lap while I was on the computer. I asked her if "WOOCY" wanted me to snuggle with her!!?!? She barked and shook her head yes so I told her to go and get in the chair and wait on me! I went over and sat down and she crawled up in my lap and immediately got on my chest. In minutes she was out like a light!!! After a little while I was going to lay her on the couch and I realized her HEART WAS BEEPING (this is what she calls it) against my chest. I found myself just sitting there feeling that little heart beat and enjoying every minute of it! I know a couple of families that have lost their children to cancer recently and during this time of year I seem to noticed the little things that I know in my heart these families would never take for granted.

One of my resolutions is to take more time with my girls and noticed the little things and appreciate them more because before I know it they will not have time for me any more...... I encourage you to do the same.

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Rosjuane said...

Great resolution!!