Sunday, December 9, 2007

I DO NOT like holding you when you are NAKED!!!

Yesterday Avery took the clothes off Rosie and Lucy so they could get in their cage in the garage to take a nap. Avery took one out to go potty, and left Dalton holding the other one in the garage. I realize that Dalton is talking to the puppy about how she wanted to put her clothes back on... I stopped to watch and got VERY tickled when the puppy just stopped and was looking at her like she really understood what she was talking about... About that time Dalton tells her.... I DO NOT LIKE HOLDING YOU WHEN YOU ARE NAKED!

I am also making Avery pick up poop out of the backyard cause the get down and roll around in the grass with them. Well, then yesterday I also caught Dalton wiping ones rear with paper towel after it went! I am telling you that my daddy is not going to be able to handle one of these! Looks like they are going to be too much of a diva for him!