Thursday, December 13, 2007

My SWAP presents came today!!!!!

This is SOOO cute! The Santa is attatched in 3 different sections and kinda dangles.... It is glass! I wish you could have heard Dalton while I was opening them! OHH mama I LOVE this one, OHHH mama do you like this one too? She had to help me put them on the tree too!

This is a Razorback Santa!!! The little girl sittin on his lap has on a cheerleading suit! I told Rosjuane (Rose-John LOL) about how all of my ornaments on my big tree are special.. how the girls have made them, or how we always get a new one when we go on a family vacation. She told me that she thought that I needed one from home! Guess what!?!? I did not have one of those kind!
I love this "B" onrament! The colors are perfect too!


Rosjuane said...

I bought me the Razorback Santa and I'm thinking about buying the other Santa when we go shop (lifting) LOL!!! It is so me that after I bought it I thought did I buy that for me or her. So I'm glad that you and Dalton enjoyed them!!

Shelley said...

I got my stuff from you today!!! PERFECT!!!!! Thanks so much!