Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My 2008 resolutions....

1. To be a better wife. Lee is SO wonderful to me and the girls!! I just need to make sure that he knows how much I appreciate him!

2. To maintain my 24.5 lb weight loss (thanks to WW's that I started the week before Thanksgiving '07) I have been VERY tempted during the last 2 weeks... which is unusual for me! I have been so happy with my results that I really want to make sure I maintain this weight loss... which turns out to be more challenging than actually losing the weight!

3. To take time.... slow down.... and ENJOY my girls. Time is getting away from me!

4. To go to my WW meeting every Tuesday night to make sure that I stay on track!

5. To show my friends that I love them more by taking time to enjoy our friendships!

6. To finish decorating rooms in my new house!!!! (as the extra money comes in of course!)


Mom of these kids said...

It really is so hard to take time to enjoy your family....even though it is the most important thing. Life just drowns ya, and then you think....when is the last time I TRULY sat down with them?

Rosjuane said...

Ohh I want to see pics of this House you keep talking about!!

Debbi said...

I still haven't posted about my resolutions yet - maybe one should be I won't procrastinate! haha! Maybe someday I'll get it done before January ends. I think kids grow up soo fast it is amazing. I really can't get over it and wonder each day where my babies have gone!