Saturday, August 30, 2008

Night time swimmers....

Avery, Dalton, and one little frog went for a swim tonight... I sat on the side lines and fought for my life... Hopefully I won't be polka dotted tomorrow from mosquito bites... They were HORRIBLE! You know how it is when it is like they are trying to even get in your ears!?!?!? When Dalton got out she rolled up in a little ball and laid there on the side of the pool and covered up with a wet towel to protect herself and WENT TO SLEEP right there! Here is Dalton after jumping off the diving board with her noodle... notice how she stopped to pose!
This picture of Avery reminds me of a dolphin.. you know how they always look so happy!!!
Look at this sweet child.. she would not hurt a flea.. Kill a deer.. YES, but not hurt a flea otherwise!
Just a swimming.....
And this is how she is 95% of the time... underwater.. that is why she has to wear the ear plugs!
Here she is coming up... LOOK at how funny she looks... she even pointed out her ribs!! LOL
Check out the fogged up glasses... she needs windshield wipers..
This is one of the funniest kids I know. I like to say that she takes after me! LOL She is always singing and dancing. And guess who follows in her footsteps!?!?!


Jenny Sipes said...

Great pictures..the girls are so cute! Great talking to you the other day..

AJ Huffman said...

Looks like ya'll had fun, wish I had a pool in my back yard!