Monday, August 18, 2008

School days....

Yep, summer is over for us... Thank goodness we still have the pool and can milk it for a little bit more! Whoo HOO!!!!! The girls were so excited this morning for school... Avery is starting the 5th grade and Dalton is in Wee School. Next year will be here BIG year! How scary! Lee and I could not see sending her to BIG school when she was 4 pretty much just last week. She would have been the youngest in her class and another year will do her so much good! Not to mention we do not like the idea of her being 17 when she graduated! So, if you have an opinion on this... keep it to yourself! LOL We know this is the best for Dalton and I can say that I have lost lots of sleep over making the decision and this is the best thing for our daughter.
She was posing like Avery!
Avery was a nervous wreck this morning, but didn't she look good!??!! Going to the Jr High building with the 6,7 and 8th graders... WHEW I can't wait to hear out it went when I go and get her in a few minutes!
My girls are growing up... I got all choked up this morning when I leaned over Avery desk to tell her to have a good day and that I loved her. Those 7th and 8th graders better leave my baby alone because if not I wonder if she will be embarrassed if I have to go to school and follow her around with a GUN!?!?!
Dalton again being like her sister... hey, you don't mess with her when she is cooperating while I am taking pictures... just snap away!!!


Jenny Sipes said...

They are beautiful! I know you were excited that today was the first day of school!! WH0O HOO

The Perry Family said...

Girl, I am right there with you. Jackson's birthday is August 29th. I lost sleep as well over whether to keep him in preschool. I decided to send him to Kindergarten, then I contemplated holding him back, but we decided to send him to first grade. First grade kicked our butt. Not only was he young, but a boy also. I always thought that was a cop out that boys are slower than girls, but it is so true, at least with Jackson. So, this year, he is in first grade again. He was sad to not be able to go to 2nd with his friends, but he has the same teacher this year and she knows where is his and his mannerisms. I also didn't like that he would graduate at 17. So, now Lauren started Kindergarten today and my babies are only a year apart in school. If they go to college, that will be a bam, bam situation! haha

P.S. Received the kitchen towels on Saturday and I loved them and so did Corie! Thanks!

Cathy Tansy said...

Too cute!!!!!! They both were little dolls this morning. Seems like yesterday you had Avery... time flies on us! You have to do what you KNOW is best for your child! You will not regret it. Go with your gut. Only you know your children, regardless of what others "think" they know! We have to get together soon. Caetlyn needs to see "Auntie" Robin soon!

The Thompson Family said...

We will probably struggle with the same decision...June 29th is a late birthday for boys! The girls looked great for their first day! I can't believe Avery is already at Norman!

melanie, aka Mo said...

Awwww... I just scrolled down and caught up and you wished me a happy birthday! aawwwww! Thanks, parking lot friend. I would have contacted you about meeting up on Saturday, but then I would have had to get out of my pajamas and that was not an option!

You really are my 2 baby girl mama mentor. I LOVE to see pics of your girls. especially together! It makes me feel so much better about my decision to get the second one. Adoption is really different than "birthing" in that respect. It is such a "decision"! If in belly, then it is done, and well, oK, it is coming! Adoption is going up there and having it handed to you with no bonding time or blah blah blah.

The countdown is on, none the less. I look forward to coordinating outfits this season and when they, too, are heading out the door for school. Melanie

Laken said...

So cute! They are sure in style! How did Avery do her first day???

suzanne said...

too good!

i have my opinion about holding her back - SO glad you did it!!

i wish we had not put our 4 year old in kindergarten. i know it'll work out fine for him, but i regret not waiting another year.

you're so wise!

and they're cute as buttons!