Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Big girl hair cut!

Yesterday we went to see Mrs. Assy... Mrs. Angie, but that is how Dalton first said her name! We have been going there since she was a baby, so I think it is ok to say that Mrs. Assy's new name has stuck.. she doesn't seem to mind.. actually she thinks it is funny! And I say.. IF THE SHOE FITS! LOL Just kidding Mrs. Assy.. you know I love you!
Dalton's hair is SO thin and needed to be cut BIG TIME!!! She loves it!

The wind is bad today while I was trying to get some pics of her.. but hey who is going to complain about a big breeze when it is 95* at 10:00 am!!!


Michelle said...

The best advice I can give you on that subject is when the hair is jet black and long enough to braid, it is time to shave. Seriously though Autumn will be 10 on September 9th and was starting to become very self concious about her hairy legs so we (no I) gave in. My husband was not real excited about our adventure. Hope that helps.


Jenny Sipes said...

She is a doll....I love the new hair cut...very "mature"

Shelley said...

I love her hair!

Maury said...

I love her hair too...and both girls have been asking to get their hair cut like Dalton's b/c they loved it too! (we still haven't convinced Daddy though to let Leah cut hers b/c it has gotten long and he likes it.) Leah said the other day..."Momma, let's just ignore daddy, and go get my hair cut the way YOU want me to get it cut!"