Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Idiot driver in Crossett!!!!

So, today on my way home I was driving along minding my own business... I was about a car length back from a big truck with this IDIOT WOMAN driving some new funny looking silver Toyota thingy with a funky top comes over in my lane about ohhhhh... I would say a quarter of an inch from my bumper (she was to the right of me and her lane with ending so I ASSUMED that she would be turning to the right since she was not giving her signal telling me that she was coming o-v-e-r in my lane!) all this is going on WHILE SHE IS ON THE CELL PHONE WITHOUT A BLINKER ON.... I could not see her looking in her mirror because she was holding her phone with her left hand and all I could see was her arm in the mirror! So, I threw my hands up in the air like WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING!?!? Then she proceeds to roll her window down.. literally hang out of it and CUSS ME OUT while waving her arms in the air like a NUT! (Dalton would call her a redneck!!) I say to her... GROW UP, GET OFF THE PHONE and most importantly USE YOUR BLINKER..... cause I have my KID in the car!

Dalton says... WHY is that woman hanging out of her car like that!?!? All I can say is that idiot (or YOU idiot if you are reading this and made a complete tail out of yourself today in Crossett down a little bit from the Sonic) better be glad that she (you) did not make me have a wreck with my child in the car all because you could not get off the phone. and turn the blinker on!!!!

By the way.. could you not find an uglier vehicle to buy!?!?


Laken said...

Oh my!! Hahahaha! I am so glad that you weren't in an accident because of her irresponsibility.

Cathy Tansy said...

I can hear you cussing her under your breath now. That is what I have to put up with EVERY day in Memphis. Now do you see why I am a nervous wreck all the time! ha-ha

The Perry Family said...

That is hilarious. People are so stupid about when things are THEIR fault on the road, but they get mad. DUMB!!

The kicker for me was a couple of months ago a local policeman (idiot) ran a stop sign and about hit me and my children head on and then stopped me b/c he said I was in his lane. IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mo said...

oooooh, I don't know if you should have dealt her that last low blow and called her car ugly. Girl, you are really putting it to her now!

I could feel your angst!! Mo

Jenn_N_Luc said...

My goodness...I've missed a few posts! First of all...I LOVED Dalton's b-day cake. It was precious!

My soon-to-be step daughters just started school on Monday. The oldest is 12 and just started 7th grade...the youngest is 8 and started 3rd. They were very excited...except the oldest is scared of her science teacher. She said she has scary hair...and, oh yea, a LIVE SNAKE and hissing cockroaches in the room!! YIKES! I wouldn't be able to concentrate for worrying where the snake and bugs are! But, I think Emelie was more concerned about the teacher. She must be pretty scary looking!

Don't you just LOVE stupid drivers?! I'm so glad she didn't hit you and no one was hurt!