Friday, May 9, 2008

Papaw Robert's last weekend!

Well, since Lee got his new toy he was chomping at the bits to go to my daddy's house on this long weekend.. and you would know it.. It was so freaking cold Saturday!
Dalton started out in the back with Lee and Avery, but got in the Rhine with me and daddy because of the windshield!!!!
I had to stop and check out these pretty "flowers" all over the levee... Daddy got to looking at them and there were thorns ALL over them! He said if you fell in those you would not be able to get out!
Daddy had to get a new puppy since he would never take Rose home during Christmas... Avery would CRY every single time we went to leave her and he is weak so he gave in......

We MADE him keep this one even if Avery did cry when we left and did not say a single word to any of us on the way home... Here is Dalton having her "TURN"............

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Mom of these kids said...

So does that mean you ended up with 2 dogs??

Lee's new toy looks like a lot of fun!

It was cold last Saturday?? I guess all that bad weather brought some in down yalls way.