Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The famous ART SHOW.....

Things are beginning to wind down at Wee School... this starts with the Art Show! Check out the proud little finger telling me all about the cadapidder!!!!!!
This cat is colored with sand!
The Cameleon is colored with chalk!
This is one of my favorites and will be framed to hang in the house..... it has D's little fingerprints on it!
Tell me this chick ain't been busy!!!!
This is my kiss for Dalton to go and look at if she starts missing me.. it is on her hand print. I will frame this one too.

How do you pick a favorite in this art gallery!?!?!
Everyone was so proud and they had a right to be too.... Every thing was so pretty! They have been working so hard on this all year long!
This is another one of my favorites!
Painting with gummy worms!
I took Dalton to Wee School the morning of the art show and had a total melt down when I started looking at her things! It just hit me that this is coming to an end and I am NOT taking it well. I can not believe that this is all almost over and BIG school is right around the corner for my baby! She has changed so much over the past year.. she has her little friends that she talks about all the time, she has this little personality that you can't help but love, she loves her teachers, she has learned more about cancer.... (we love you Brady!) and she can tell you about St Jude and what they can do for kids, she draws a crowd when she tells a story because she hardly does not say anything.. she sits back and takes it all in so when she does talk she is so country that everyone gathers around to listen.
Mother's Day Tea is May 9th. This is a dress up event that Dalton has invited me and Nanaw (Lee's mother) to go with her to! Graduation is May 22.
The only thing that I have missed this year at Wee School is Mrs. Pam. She was the director when Avery started the 3 year old program. (Avery just turned 10 for those of you that are counting!) I met Mrs. Pam the day that I registered Avery for Wee School, and I started working for her the next week.... Guess what!?!??! All these years later I still go to her house every single week. Everyone knows who "Mrs. Pam" is and misses her dearly... BUT she has moved on to bigger and better things... Their kids graduated from college, got married, so it was time for her to be with Mr. Randy when he worked off. THEN Mr. Bryce (the first grand child) came along so now Mrs. Pam turned into GRAMMY! I love this woman! I still get to visit with her all the time... if not in person.. then on the phone... or via email. She gives me advice, laughs with me, and cries with me. She seems to fill a void that I have had in my life for a few years now and I thank her for that. I love you Mrs. Pam.... I mean Grammy!


The Thompson Family said...

That is so sweet!!! I'm glad we got to see you for a few minutes this weekend. Mom will have him for a week so you can get lots of kisses then! What beautiful, talented girls you have. Dalton the artist and Avery the all-star. I can tell you are one proud momma...and rightfully so! See you soon. Leigh

Mom of these kids said...

These are all GREAT! I love D's artwork, and it looks like she has some great teachers at that weeschool to put all that time into this!

K.T. is Mommatude said...

She has some awesome artwork there,wow!!!