Monday, May 19, 2008

4 baby BUNNIES

Lee's daddy found these 4 baby bunnies under a building he moved and for some reason thought of my girls... He brought them to our house and we did not know if they were eating "big bunny food" or "baby bunny food" (meaning MILK from the mama!!!!) Finally they started eating grass and the little stubby carrots... so much so that they would take them from your hands and would eat so much I told Avery ( my 10 year old) that she was going to have to get a job to support their habit...... Ok, so the first day we got them they held them in the palms of their hands and they were VERY still... FYI... Dalton NEVER thought to flip em over and check them out... UNTIL DAY 2.... She screams... MAMA, LOOK HOW BIG THEIR FEET HAVE GROWN SINCE YESTERDAY!!!!!

Wouldn't you love to know what that baby bunny was thinking!?!?!
Low down on the bunnies... Real food=Real poop and lots of it out of 4 babies.. when this happened I wanted them and their little box they were in to get gone out of my laundry room... FAST!!! So, we get home from a ball game and there is only 3 bunnies.... One had jumped over 18 inches OUT of the box and was loose in MY HOUSE!!! For those of you that know me you KNOW that I had a stroke..... Bunnies out of house.. TONIGHT. WE found him/her under my night stand in our bedroom!!! So, they go outside the next day... Let me tell you this so you get an idea of REALLY how small they are... they can squeeze through a 1 inch x 2 inch rectangle thank you very much! Now the next day after the NEW HOME is fixed with smaller wire we come home and one is GONE! Avery has a STROKE.. crying and carrying on... so the next am when she goes out to check on remaining 3.... 2 are DEAD and one is just literally gasping for air..... SO she cried and cried and decided to let it out.. It was HORRIBLE and for those for you that just HAVE to bring something to my kids MAKE SURE THAT IT WILL NOT DIE!!!


Maury said...

That is so funny that Dalton thought the feet grew overnight! I love that pic of the bunny with the feet in the air!

Poor Avery...she is so loving and sensitive to everything. I bet that was very upsetting to her about those bunnies.

The Thompsons said...

That is awful!! My bunny "ran away." She is way too young for that!!! I guess you'll just have to get her another pet right??!!