Sunday, April 6, 2008

10 and 81

Tonight Avery (who just turned 10 on April 2) comes to me and says.... Mama today is Papaw Roxie's birthday (with huge tears in her eyes) I told her... yes, it sure is! She just smiled really big and turned around and walked off.... last year as my mamaw was fighting for her life we celebrated her 80th birthday with a really big family party. All of her sisters and her brother were there along with all the rest of us with a LOT of long time freinds stopping by too! Mamaw never said a word... After the party was over and we were on the way home Avery started crying and told me that that was the best birthday party she had EVER been to... We all knew that it would be her last. Happy Birthday Mamaw!!! (or should I say Papaw Roxie!)

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Anonymous said...

That child has a heart of gold! I know that you guys miss MawMaw so much! Just keep in mind that she watches over you every day!
Love ya