Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dalton's first GAME!!!!!

I guess she gets her stance from watching Avery all these years... or at least being on the watching eating a pickle or nachos!!! And hey... whoever it is out there making that dang cheese dip to go on the chips... STOP MIXING THE JALAPENO PEPPER JUICE IN IT TO WATER DOWN THE CHEESE... my baby can't handle it! Ok.. what that being said..... here we GO! I know.. I know... SHE LOOKS GOOD OUT THERE!
Here are some of her fans... Nanaw and Papaw were there too.. and yes.. ME
How cute is she? The name of her team is ORANGE CRUSH!
This picture was right before all the real action started... she fell in the dug out and her knee got skinned up pretty bad.. she was ok at first and when ahead and batted.. then when she got back in the dug out she realized blood was running down her leg... she literally screamed for the rest of the game (which was just a few minutes) and the entire next one.. but I made her get out there. It was horrible, but not near as bad as last night! Last night was her first real game of the season! She started as soon as we pulled up in the parking lot.... EVERY other step on the way out there she goes... I DO NOT want to do this... I DO NOT want to do this!!! She begged to play ball... and she is going to play and finish the year... that is the way that it works at our house!
Please pray for us that Friday night is better... my nerves were SHOT after an hour of her acting like this! She is usually so good! Today she did not want to go to school... I got her there and she cried and cried... Finally they called at 10 and said that her ear was hurting! Lee took her some meds and a little attitude adjustment and then all was better... Things HAVE to look up for her... she is now taking a nap, so maybe things will be better this afternoon!


The Thompson Family said...

i can remember having to pick between t-ball and swimming lessons...i am SO glad i picked swimming lessons!!!

Rosjuane said...

See that's why I don't even put Ashlyn in. Cause I would be the same way. Play till it's over. And she would cry. But I totally pegged Dalton as a trooper. I think she will like it... eventually.

Mom of these kids said...

She really does look serious about it in the pictures!