Friday, January 18, 2008

My SWAP surprise!

I LOVE to get stuff in the mail.... it is so exicting to me to see what a complete stranger will come up with to give yo!

Heather, If you could actually see my stash of recipes you would have to come to help me too!
Now the pressure is on... I gotta get orangized!
I think that this is perfect...... I have so many things to write in my journal about my mamaw (the girls called her Papaw Roxie) that just passed away in April of '07...
Thank you SO MUCHO Heather! I think that Avery was as excited as I was!

My items HIT THE SPOT!


The Perry Family said...

i'm so glad you liked it. it wasn't much, but it did come from the heart!!

Rosjuane said...

That looks like a great surprise!!

Mom of these kids said...

I think the journaling for Papaw Roxie is great! That will be a great outlet for you!