Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Sorry that I have been MIA.. just have not wanted to blog lately! Yes, I am fine. Thanks for the calls and emails. Actually, I was kinda looking for Beth E to show up on my door step any day now! I thought about holding out just to see how long it did take her to show up! Hee Hee!

I am SOOOO ready for this weekend.. finally something different going on! Dalton has been working me over time hitting the potty every 10 minutes (and NO I am not joking) she went to the Dr today and she has a bladder infection! This weekend we went out with another couple to eat and I kid you not when I say that she went to potty like 10 times in the hour and a half that we were there!

I was on strike last week as far as picking up after people that live with me. This week is a new week, and as long as they understand that what is not put back in its place goes in the trash then they all can continue to live here! Dalton has already had a couple of mini break downs, but I think I am getting the point across. I am NOT their maid. Unless they want to pay me for those services then we can renegotiate the contract... otherwise.. FORGET IT! It's on like a chicken bone cause this chic means bees-wax! As of right now I am not moving out... I don't guess..

And no this is not a suicide note... but to all my wonderful girlfriends... thank you for always being you and for not trying to be some goody two shoes that you (we) are not... thank you for loving my girls and me too... thank you for thinking enough about me to ask my opinion and yet not get po'ed when I tell you the truth... thank you for trusting me with your children.. thank you for throwing a fit and letting me listen...thank you for making me feel normal... thank you for just sitting and talking to me like a normal human being...thank you for being adults... thank you for all the wonderful encouraging words.. thank you for your time... thank you for YOU!

God knows that I am missing time from certain people in my life, and I find myself filling this blank spot in my heart with certain people.. and you know who you are.. especially on Mondays. Thank you. What would I do without you? You turn my 2 hours in to 4, but I don't mind. Lee doesn't mind either... not matter how much he mouths about it.


Beth E. said...

It's a good thing you posted when you did, girl, because I had my brand new polka dot bag - WITH my NAME on it - packed and ready to go!!! The only thing stopping me was the fact that I have no idea how the heck to get there! LOL

Poor little Dalton...I've only had a bladder infection once in my life (as a little kid), and I hope I NEVER have another one. They are awful.

You went on strike???! ROFL!!! You go, girl! Been there, done that. Hope the memory of it lasts for a long time, and everyone does better. :o)

I'm sooo GLAD this is not a suicide note. I didn't want to have to wrestle your gun away from you! I'm too old and you're too feisty...you'd whip my butt! LOL

Sure, I'd trust you with my children...why not? Bo's big enough to EAT you, though, so be warned. Ha!

AND-just for the record-I think you're pretty normal and I'm sure you are a human being. Actually, I think you're pretty terrific. I love your up-front, tell-it-like-it-is personality, your dry wit, and your complete honesty. I wouldn't want you to be any other way! I can't stand to be around people with hidden agendas, or those who say one thing to my face and another thing behind my back.
I appreciate you very much and am so glad you're my friend. (Are you feelin' the love?) :o)

Now, about this "have not wanted to blog lately." I don't want that to EVER happen again! So watch yourself, young'un. LOL

Love ya!
P.S. I did talk about you in one of my posts (like I already told you). But I'm not going to tell you which one. You're just going to have to read them all until you find it! ;o)

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda glad you found that spunk again. I wasn't "worried" but I was ready to drive to the nearest Starbucks in east bumble.........%$#$% to get a grande vanilla latte with whip to bring to your house to threaten you to update. So, consider yourself warned!!! I'm sure if you're half as normal as I think you are, you'll be fine!! Now, hop back on that horse and ride..........we missed you RADstitches!!!! :)))

Hey, I'm doing a contest...come see!

Sandy said...

Poor lil Dalton. My Sabre' had a uti last week also it was horrible and then she got the stomach flu on top of it all so my poor lil angel was literly on the pot for hours(or it seemed like it). I hope your lil Dalton is feeling much better.

Gigi said...

And I was thinking, "Who the heck is Mia?"

Laken said...

Yay! Missed you! I haven't blogged either.. plan to today. Have a good weekend!

Me The Q said...

Glad you are back. Your blog is entertaining and I missed it. Hope Dalton is feeling better UTI's stink. Don't worry you are normal, well at least as normal as the rest of us...

The Thompson Family said...

between your comment on mom's facebook and the "one-armed grammy" quote, i think i'm going to sign you up for my school's comedy contest. winner gets $1000!. no home for dogs yet and don't worry, they are not going to grammy's! running an ad next week...we'll see.