Friday, June 20, 2008

Hard to Handle ..... UNDEFEATED!!!

Once again our softball team was undefeated... we have won first place in the league ever since we started playing... Way to go girls and coaches... Let me tell you they practice the girls to death and it pays off!
This is what being undefeated gets you with our group of girls... That is Coach Lee that they got.. Notice that Coach Chris thought it was SOOO funny!
It was freezing... the bad part about it was when Lee sat down to talk to the girls like he always did they did not realize in all the excitement that Dalton got in his lap.. she was walking around freaking out not knowing what in the heck they just did that for! (Notice Coach Chris int he far left hand with Dalton.. I think she thought Lee was hurt!)
He is Lee giving his last SPEECH to the girls... and I thought he was going to cry talking to them... he takes up with the girls and loves them all every year! He REALLY gets into this!

I am also happy to add that Lee loves to coach.. he coaches ALL the girls and not just HIS daughter. He loves ALL the girls and tries his best with all of them. If you are a coach and only take time with your kid... Wake up! You are in this for the wrong reason... Stay home in your own back yard if this is what you are going to do.... Don't stand around with a coach's shirt on and ONLY FOCUS ON YOUR KID/KIDS! Let someone else help coach that will be willing to spread their time among kids that need it!


Jenny Sipes said...


Don't close your blog...I don't get many comments either but I just keeping writing in hopes that people do read it...I know how frustrating it is when you take time to write your own posts and comment on others and nothing is given back in return...

Girl just keep on posting and they WILL come! lol

Maury said...

Lee does a great job with the girls!! I know it means a lot to Avery how much time her daddy spends doing that for her.