Thursday, June 26, 2008

Backyard project....

When we bought this house a little over 3 years ago there were some things that we wanted to do, but are just getting to them. There is this arbor thingy there in the pic to the left that Lee HATES... well, he got his wish yesterday and got to TEAR it down. It all started off that he was going to MOVE it.. well, I KNEW where that was going when he came flying around the house like a mad man on the tractor! I had been wanting to make the best out of it and plant something on it.. even with it being in the craziest place in the yard... Lee cussed it every time he mowed... especially when he would come back with the weed eater. In the middle of all his madness he discovered that it was rotten so it totally got tore down.. Yes, I saw the huge smile on his face as he was hauling it away... CONGRATULATIONS Lee you got your way on this one!!! LOL P.S. The birdhouses on the side of it are off of the light pole.. there were babies in one of them still. BUT, you are NOT digging that lone little bush up and burning it... IT WILL BE RELOCATED or ELSE! LOL

Notice in the next picture that other thingy planted AGAIN right in the middle of the yard.. that is coming up too!
This light pole was right dab in the middle of the backyard.. we had it moved back more and over to the side out of they way.. but still close enough for the backyard to be bright! That thing is worth $8 a month.. cause when it is out it is B-L-A-C-K out there! The day the Entergy guys came to move it Dalton decided that we had to sit and watch... It was SO freaking hot out there.. like I am thinking 120* maybe!!! Dalton and her little country self had to talk to the men. She decided that when the one guy went up the pole that he was standing on.... 2 tacks! HUM Needless to say that she made 2 friends and I think they actually enjoyed her.

More to come... stay tuned!


Gigi said...

I'm glad I already know what "more to come" means. Maybe the after pics will be up when we get home. Woo-hoo, Florida, here we come!

Later Gator

PS - Got the fern "pots" taken care of. Easy watering for you next week!

The Thompson Family said...

i'm glad to know we're not the only ones still fighting with(over) our back yard after three year!
we would love for you to join us in florida. you know bryce loves an audience and i suspect he will be VERY entertaining this next week!!!

Mom of these kids said...

Ha ha...I can just see Lee. And that is exactly like Clay would be!

So the people that planted that stuff were just like hmmmm I think I will put this plant.....HERE in the middle of nothing! And then this....over here, not close to anything else either! LOL

AJ Huffman said...

Planting stuff in the middle of nothing makes no sense to me. I would be wanting to tear that thing down as well. Just wanted to return the favor and comment on your blog. I guess I need to go by Maury's blog and return the favor as well.

Oh and I really just wanted to get my feet wet. That's why I was sitting down by the pool. I didn't plan on getting soaking wet, but my son had other ideas.

Jenny Sipes said...

Oh Lee sounds my husband, demolition

Anyway thanks for the comment on my header...I actually made it myself...thanks again!