Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's sometimes hard to go home.....

This was the love of my mamaw's life!! She loved flowers!!!! She also loved all of the friends that she made over the years that she had this nursery. My Aunt Priss and Uncle Mike are now running it... there are alot of the same customers that have always been there. I can remember while she was sick.. Mrs. Hensley brought her cut flowers out of her garden on a weekly basis.... all of her plants had been purchased from my grandmothers nursery.

Dalton loves this cat! Her name is Judy. She will carry her the entire time that we are there if she will let her. Just look at the smile on her face!

This is my Aunt Priss. She always took my mamaw to Greenville, MS to her treatments. She is so much like her that it is scary! She has always taken up so much time with me and Robert Louis (my brother) and now takes up the time with my kids.. who love her. That is Nick on her lap... my mamaw' dog that they gave her for Christmas a few years back.... He followed her every where and was there with her when she passed away.

This is a pet turtle that they keep in the back of the hot houses. They actually have 2 of them. It is so funny because when this turtle sees my Uncle Mike coming with a worm he gets all excited... and who says that turtles can move!?!?! You should just see one of them moving when the other one has a worm and the other one wants it! He can boogie!!!

The day that mamaw passed away Maury was at my house and she went with me to be with my family that night. I was so thankful for her offering to go with me.... Once again.. Thank you very much for being there for me! You are the BEST!

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Mom of these kids said...

Thank you Robin, that is very sweet! You know I was glad to be able to be there with you.

I want to see a TURTLE get excited!!!