Monday, February 18, 2008

Newborn at home.... 2 yr old has FLU!!

Well, David and Melissa made it home yesterday with Lexie... only to find MyKayla during the night with 105* temp!!!! They took her to the ped. first thing this am and she has the FLU!!! The ped. told Melissa that Mykayla could NOT be around the baby for 5-7 days! Mykayla was NOT doing well at home at all with David's mother (she has never really been around her), so they opted to keep Mykayla at home with Melissa and the new little Lexie had to go to her papaw and Mee-Mee's house...... which is right across town. Melissa is devastated to say the least... they left her standing in the yard crying like a baby! I can not imagine! Mee-Mee called me tonight and the baby is doing great! So, hopefully this will pass fast and they can all be back at home together and enjoy the new baby! Someone is going to go and get Melissa tomorrow and take her to her Aunt's house and let her shower before she goes to Mee-Mee's house to go with them to take Lexie back to the ped. Poor Melissa.... I feel so badly that this is happening! I am just thankful that she has family to help her out! I took Mykayla some homemade soup tonight.... she usually eats everything I cook, so maybe this will help out a little bit.

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